Exhaust Systems

The exhaust system affects the way your car drives and the gas mileage that it gets. It can also be a cosmetic detail for some people. Depending on your needs, you may want to upgrade your exhaust system.

If your exhaust seems loud or is hanging low, let the experts at Steve’s Tire & Auto check it out and give you a fair estimate for the proper repair.

Some Of Our Standard And Full-service, Muffler And Exhaust System Repair Services Include:

  • Diagnose muffler and exhaust system problems
  • Replace mufflers
  • Replace tail pipes or exhaust system pipes/tubing depending on what the case may be
  • Diagnose emissions issues and offer recommendations
  • State safety inspections if your exhaust system is so regulated, or state emissions inspections (common in many urban areas of states)
  • Replace additional parts, catalytic converters, resonators, exhaust manifolds, muffler clamps, EGR valves, tubing and other valves depending on make and vehicle model
  • Fleet muffler and exhaust system repairs
  • Advanced tracking systems and a range of fleet services for scheduling and fleet maintenance and repairs

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